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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 31, 2016 12:36am-1:07am MDT

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an all-new show today with great viral videos "right this minute." a nervous kid on a lion safari reassured by mom. >> everything's okay. >> see why not all of them -- [ indiscernible ] >> who you calling calm? a camera on a motorcycle
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between control and crash. the moment the rider takes a side. >> oh! in a guy who police say is sauced breaks into a pizzeria. >> and he's just trashing the place. >> why the delivery car's not safe either. plus, candy kicks or styling kids. and a double decker bus dance. >> bad idea. >> but see why you can't keep a >> -- you all should never -- >> broken. >> this is in chatham, massachusetts. you've got three guys and a captain out tuna fishing. there are orcas in the water. >> where? >> literally [ bleep ] right next -- >> and these guys really really get excited. >> right there right there.
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bro! >> right there! >> and then they ramp it up -- >> whoa! >> it's a killer whale baby! >> these guys say there were four orcas in the water. one a full grown one they saw one that they presume is a baby and then they saw the fins of two others. they loved this experience. >> this is the best day ever! >> dude i don't even care about the tunas anym >> we got killer whales, baby! oh! yeah. >> experience of a lifetime. >> literally why they say you're having a way with -- >> once in a lifetime experience. >> now this family is in the kruger national park they're in a car and this male lion notices and looks back and mom is trying to comfort daughter in the car. mom talking all calm everything's okay just like very calm. >> he doesn't care about us.
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>> exactly. >> wait. >> >> i love that you're able to appreciate this because the camera is pointing back to our right. you can see this guy riding the yamaha on a track. he's got his safety gear on. he looks down you notice him grabbing the gears, shifting with the clutch. he can't quite sense that razor thin line between control, and
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>> whoa! >> whee! >> oh! >> the rider is no longer close. >> yes. >> good thing that bike slid away from the rider as it spins around, you see it obviously losing fuel the sparks from the bike scraping on the road igniting those vapors, again, choose it large fireballs, for a second there now the bike just sitting there, no rider nearby. >> he's wearing the gear. he'll walk right up -- >> bingo. >> you also see a martial run up with the fire extinguisher. >> just a low side crash no biggie that's what happens when you go out and can see the track. that's what this guy should have done take it to the track. guy riding with this buddies off to the right-hand side his buddy takes a bit of a risk here and passes on the left right there then going into this hard right,
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>> oh. whoa! >> the bike gets upright. all that shoulder jumping stuff there. knocks him off the bike. he pops right back up. that bike is nice, huh? >> that bike -- >> the guy says he was just fine. he also says the bike was fine. but that's definitely -- >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. >> welcome to the show. >> check out this dude. he has decided to vandalize the car. he's kicking the window. finally he smashes it in a little bit. goes to the door of that pizzeria and tries to jump-kick the door. >> that doesn't work. comes back and starts picking up big rocks throwing them at the car. >> that's the delivery car at the restaurant. >> he didn't like the keys they put on it? >> made to wait longer than 15 minutes. >> not quite sure what this dude's issue is. now the cartarts to roll back.
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went through that passenger window maybe hit the shifter or something, knocked it into neutral. >> that's a possibility. then he starts pushing it to help ease it on down the road. >> made its way inside and he's just trashing the place. trying to break the beer tab. >> guy looks a little soft. >> he's very wob l and very -- >> and talk about 11,000 u.s. dollars in damage and this just continues for quite some time the neighbors heard the ruckus and they called the owners. police did respond. they learned that he was drunk. that's all we have on this story but it's just unfortunate especially because this is a local business that means that the owner is going to have to take care of all of these damages shut down business it's just one big whirlwind because this dude decided that he could take out his rage on her business. >> when domino masters get together. >> you know it's going to be
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the largest domino tower in america. >> it took them seven hours. to build this thing. >> 3,242 pieces. 19 feet tall. and they get to the very top. it's time to celebrate our accomplishments with the last piece at the very top. >> no. >> oh. >> no way. >> just like that comes crashing tumbling down. >> murphy's law right there. the very last one. >> you can see her face as she realizes what just happened. she gasps. she's like ah because you know there's no coming back from that. >> she goes and visualizes it. >> oh, my -- >> maybe it wasn't her fault. maybe air conditioning kicked on right then. see that big vent in the top of the ceiling there.
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>> blew. >> they still feel like they accomplished their goal. and they were happy to have worked together for this. it sounds like they have another goal in mind now bause it still was several layers shorter than the tallest in the world. so maybe that's where they're trying to get to next. as technology evolves, so does magic. >> er magic got smarter. >> a look at the top five tricks using your phone. >> snooeky rich ferguson. >> bus hanging out on a boat isn't enough for these individuals. >> if you don't sit around have a beer and drink you may want to race your boat. >> why that wasn't a clever idea. >> oh. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh...
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closed captioning provided by -- how fast are allegra? gelcaps? we're going out in an hour... fast. for allergy symptoms,
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allegra? gelcaps... not just fast. allegra? fast. for most of us hanging out on a boat is enough. right? the yacht club here at lake of the ozarks in missouri all kind of boats tied up together hanging out. but if you don't like to sit around, have a beer and drink you may want to race your boat. this is a 2016 shoot-out boat race. everybody's there to see these >> oh -- >> no he's not. >> oh! >> [leep ] [ bleep ]. >> that boat comes to a rest and quickly. time does not take long for that boat to disappear beneath the surface of the water. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> that was the guy that was [ bleep ] >> you dude -- >> where is the dude and where's
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rescue boat arrive? you seehis diver jump right in to help that racer out. he was taken to hospital, evaluated and is expected to be okay. but that was a heck of a crash. >> [ bleep ] >> that was the guy that was parked next [ bleep ] >> kicks for kids just got cuter. check this out. >> hmm. >> what is it? >> what you're looking at here tennis shoe created by candy kicks for kids and you see all of the attention to detail. the shoestrings, the initial in the back. it gets better though. how about paint. >> nice. >> wow this is art. i would never wear these! if i put that much effort into putting something like this together, it's beautiful. you don't wear that. >> what about if you get someone else to do it and give them money then you can wear them. >> exactly that's how this works
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when you go to this instagram page for candy kicks for kids you see all types of things. >> that is cool. >> why this is a good idea for kids everyone has the same shoes and your kids go to school or a play gym and come back with the same looking shoes but they're a completely different size not that that's happened many times in my family. >> it looks like the folks purchasing the products from candy kicks for kids are doing it for special celebrations like a birthday party. not only do very that the tennis shoes you see the tricked out onesies. >> all kinds of stuff. >> that's the question though because the personalized adult ones can go hundreds, thousands of dollars. >> what are we looking at? >> there isn't a price listed. so i'm guessing that the price is raised depending on what it is that you order. you got the bling-bling and sometimes the buttons and the bows and either way it's hand made and folks can't get enough of it. ?
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minute" i'm a gigantic fan of magic and the cool thing about magic it's always changing. one of the cool things technology. >> ever since they got smart -- >> the magic got smarter. >>ich ferguson and marty here are going to keep you a couple of trix you genuinely could do yourself. >> let's just say i wanted to have my business card up here on the screen. obviously on the screen but you want to give someone that business card you grab it and pull it right. >> oh, that's he is cool. >> these blow my mind all the time that you can take something from a digital electronic device -- >> you grab what looks to be the breath mint but you're also grabbing something else. slide it -- >> no way. >> and it's real. >> oh. >> there you go. >> but you got to be -- you still have to have that hand/eye coordination because the dexterity to kind of pull it off believably. the sleight of hand. this was a magician's trick. >> this next one does involve a magician's trick -- >> very important i'm not looking. >> dude what's going to happen.
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>> how do you know that? >> how on earth do the guys do it? >> anyone want to take a guess? because for me when i finally saw the reveal i was like you kidding me? >> right here what i'm doing is cheating. i'm pretending i'm not looking at the cards because i'm not i'm looking down right at my phone where there's this nice sweet reflection and i'm seeing reflection -- >> rich knows the card how does the guy on the other end of the phone know? >> che click on tv show or use our mobile app. >> things get rough in a bicycle championship why there's nothing smooth about this ride. >> a roadster is horrible. >> going to get worse. >> the tacky act that sends them tumbling. >> oh -- >> and as we all know, happy wife, happy life. >> we start with pedro, he has a surprise for his lady. >> wow.
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m all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. >> promotional considerations provided by -- ero help. new act batman rinse tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40% for better checkups. act kids. [ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema relief is specially formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. we're headed to bloomington for the illinois state championships already under way we're running one of the races they approach this left-hand corner. >> that road surface is horrible. >> it's going to get worse. >> oh. get real nice up close look at the asphalt. that is the kind of thing that's just going to cheese grate your skin. you can hear all kinds of other people crashing in the
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>> these guys are so vulnerable. i mean they wear nothing but lycra and a plastic helmet. >> when you get the story behind it is oh, so much worse. this picture from facebook might give you an idea why. >> did somebody put tacks on the course? >> oh, yes oh, yes. >> no! >> the guy asked him did you roll a tire? and only as the guy starts moving away do you hear one of the riders ask -- happen. >> someone has thrown not just one, handfuls of thumb tacks. not just at this corner, at another one as well. look at this. thumb tacks inside his tire. this guy showing some of the injuries that he suffered because he went flying as well. it was described in his blog post someone said 15 riders had tacks in their tires at the end
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you can see on the official facebook page of the race that actually happened they're putting up a call for people asking anybody has any information, any footage send them in in the hopes that they can try and figure out just what's going on. >> this is a reminder for everyone that has such a negative opinion of cyclists all the time. this is what they have to deal with. we're all just trying to exist on the road. >> so let's hope that some more footage can be found. if anything does happen and we you know. >> you know what they say, happy wife, happy life. >> these two guys i think are having a happy life. >> we start with pedro. he has a surprise for his lady. >> wow is it in the form of that fancy, shiny vehicle? >> that's her old car. >> take a look at the new one. >> what? >> her old car. another bmw in the driveway waiting for her.
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>> oh, my gosh! >> dang babe. babe did good. >> he sure did. but i like how she goes to kiss him first before she even checks out the car. >> oh, my god! >> i know you said your dream car was an x-5. >> wow. so he got her her dream car. >> making dreams come true. >> by the way did you hear what he said? he said you said y the bmw x-5. that means, for the record, a man was listening to a woman. >> what? [ indiscernible ] >> how did you do -- >> i got my people. >> is this my car? >> this next reaction all
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to take it away. like you finally -- you're automatically suspicious. you know how we girls get. she is giddy as can be because this is a 2016 vw beetle. he bought her a brand new car. that means that new car smell. >> [ indiscernible ] >> this little cutie is very upset. >> what could possibly have her on edge? >> wonder where she learned this
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an see the ripple moving through before it gives way. >> time to reflect.
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>> his little girl is very angry but she couldn't be any cuter. unfortunately for her because i don't think it's helping to get her messe across. [ indiscernible ] she's got beef with her pops. pops was just sitting there listening. oh, the finger is a big deal. that means business. [ indiscernible ] >> don't worry. he's got this under control. she' j >> that's what dads do, they let you get just far enough and then go okay. >> and finally she's done talking to him. she gets off his lap. starts stomping around in the living room. >> wonder where she learned this from? >> i think mommy. >> yeah. >> she was very upset. >> really? >> we still don't know why. here's another dad being a dad. >> it looks like he's out with his family enjoying a bus tour but he's decided to be
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>> yeah. >> so as she tries to do some kind of fancy footwork move -- >> tried to swing off the chair. >> dad gets back up, and you can tell he's in a lot of pain and even though he tries to continue his fancy footwork eventually like okay turn it off. >> stop stop. >> oh, my back. >> because he's a guy he actually never made -- >> oh, it's >> you can tell that is a man in pain. he's literally -- >> yeah. he's going to immediate an mri. >> that's our pick for the day's best viral videos for more great content check out or be sure to watch us on the next "right
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hey, krack, here's your chance to audition for "dancing with the stars." see what you got. >> i got this. ? >> ooh! >> ah -- ah. >> ooh. >> yeah! >> all right. so i give a you no. >> i give you a hell, no. >> hell, no. let's start the show!


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